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Fall Enrollment has ended.

2023 Fall Semester is in session.

About Us
All About B.B.A.

Our motto here at Bizzy Bee Academy is:

Enriching a Child's mind, to be strong and out of the box thinkers; knowing there's no limits to what they can imagine and do in life. By having the confidence and love in themselves to move mountains.

  1. What day, time, and place do we meet?
    We meet on Wednesday's between 9:25am to 2:15pm, and our program is located in Winnsboro Tx.
  2. What ages are we currently enrolling?
    So glad it's been asked! We are currently are enrolling for fall, for select ages.. However, we do accept all ages from Nursery to 17!
  3. How is curriculum choosen?
    How is it paid for?
    Great question! We allow teachers to pick whatever curriculum they want as long as it's approved by the directors. We also allow teachers to build their own curriculum as well. If a set curriculum is wanted and the program has available funds to purchase a copy for in house use We will do our best to make it possible!
  4. Do parents get a syllabus?
    Yes, at the start of the semester we will post the syllabus on our private Facebook page to all parents involved so they can see what is being taught to their children in other classes.
  5. What is the grade cut off dates?
    If your child is 5 by September 1st of the current school year they would be considered Kindergarten for us. We kept this model because it is easier for us when divining the kids into groups.. Now this doesn't mean your child is stuck! If they are doing 1st grade work or higher and can show the ability to preform with the older children. We are happy to move them up! The same with going down a grade. We know all children learn at different paces so we can adjust accordingly.
  1. How do I join Bizzy Bee Academy?
    Prospective members should navigate to our Policies and Behavior Guidelines. Also, you can check the calendar frequently for updated events, field trip schedule, meetings, etc. as they are scheduled. If you agree with our policies and other guidelines then please click on the photo on the main page and fill out the form. We will review all submissions and schedule an interview with all prospective members.
  2. Do we offer any specials with regards to the Membership fee?
    In regards to the membership/Registration Fee. No. This fee is per family and due at the beginning of each semester you wish to attend. We do offer payment plans and assistance to those who qualify. We strive to keep cost as low as possible while still offering our students quality materials and functions. This is the main reason we cannot offer discounts other than a reduced fee for families with multiple children.
  3. How can I help Support BBA?!
    BBA depends of our members' dues to help cover our yearly expenses. All money made at our fundraisers and other events goes right back into our Co-op in many forms some being new teaching materials, games, toys, sports equipment, musical instruments, scholarships, and much more!

    If you would like to Donate please email our directors at
  4. Who are your current board members?
    Director Kenna Blue
    Director Kasey Habecker
  5. Dress code?
    Within the policies it spells out exactly what is or isn't allowed. However the short answer is we have a co-op t-shirt that will be distributed after we see how many and what sizes and get the funding. Till then it is a modest dress code. Please wear appropriate clothing, not asking for your Sunday best but if you wouldn't wear it to a BBQ with your pastor present please don't wear it here. Thank you.
  6. What are our expectations of parents?
    We are expecting all children to have their parent on site at all times. We expect each parent to be involved either by teaching or helping. We understand that not everyone is a teacher. However, in order to have a full functioning enrichment program we NEED your help! Thank you.